Water Pump System

We offer a vast array of comprehensive maintenance solutions and servicing for water pump systems. We have the expertise to perform these services on residential, commercial as well as industrial buildings of any size, and have indeed done so in the past,as our client portfolio testifies.

We offer our water pump maintenance and repair service both to contracted customers and customers not on contract, according to the specific needs of each client. Our experienced technicians have gathered a wealth of experience in handling, repairing and maintaining water pumps of all types and sizes.

Repair and Parts Replacement

Pump and Motor

Control Panel

Bearings and Mechanical Seal

Pressure Tank and Diaphragm

Float Switch and Electrode Sensor

Soft Starter and Variable Speed Drive

Pressure Switch, Pressure Transmitter, Flow Sensor and Pressure Gauge

Check Valve, Gate Valve, Y-Strainer, Expansion Joint and Motorized Valve

Contactor, Relay, Timer ,Indicator Light, Alarm Bell, PCBand Control Devices

Ball Float Valve and Pilot Valve

Pipe, Rubber Hose and related accessories

Water Heater

Maintenance of Pumping Systems

Transfer Pump System

Booster Pump System

Ejector Pump System

Sump Pump System

Irrigation Pump System

Fountain and Water Feature Pump System

Inspection and Cleaning of Water Tanks

Annual inspection and cleaning of water tanks with PUB submission

Submission of water samples to accredited labs (SAC-SINGLAS) fortest reports

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